You know what we’re about. We’re about working with you to take your products and services to the Spanish speaking populace.  And we’re awesome at it.  Whether it’s local, regional, or national, we can take your campaign and transform it into a bicultural masterpiece that embraces the hispanic world.

HM doesn’t just provide accurate and effective translation services, but talent, music, and production that speak to your target market’s culture. From paint to wellness, department stores to schools, HM has collaborated with diverse clients to bring their message home to the bilingual and burgeoning hispanic population in the U.S.


Founder and creative mind extraordinaire, Iliana Rossell works with clients to adapt their advertising campaigns to the hispanic market.  With a keen ear for regional dialects and a knack for finding amazing talent, Iliana's experience produces refined, intentional, and entertaining interpretations of existing campaigns.  Whether it's billboards, ads for streaming radio, or television spots, HM promotes new and long-standing clients' products and services in a dynamic and personal way.

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